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          Allow up to 4 users to control 16/ 32 different computers simultaneously

          Support multiplatform – PS/2 and USB computers (SUN and MAC)

          Support one local console and one CAT5 remote console, plus two     

        optional modules of remote access consoles (CAT5 or IP)

          CAT5 remote console can be up to 1000 feet away from KVM switch 

         with superior auto-adjust RGB gain/delay control capability

          Support Windows, DOS, Netware, Unix, Linux, MacOS

          No Software Required – easy PC selection via On Screen Display      

         (OSD), Push Buttons, HotKeys

          Hot Pluggable – add or remove connected PCs without having to         

         power off the KVM switch or PCs

          Support two layers password security protection

          Keyboard status restored when switching PCs

          Support Daisy Chaining up to 7 additional units

          Using standard CAT5 cable to extend the distance between the

        PC/server and KVM switch up to 500 feet



Functions KMC-432
Computer PortConnectors RJ-45 CAT5 combo dongle(DCC-001) required for connecting to computers. For USB computer, an additional changer required.
Computer Connections 32
Max. Distance
(KVM switch — Host)
500 feet (150m)
Video Resolution
(Local Console)
1600 x 1200
Video Resolution
(Remote Console)
1600 x 1200 for CAT5-Based 500 feet remote console,
1024 x 768 for CAT5-Based 1000 feet remote console,
1600 x 1200 for IP-Based remote console
Console Ports One USB local console and one CAT5-Based remote console,Plus 2 Optional Modules: Selectable CAT5-Based Remote Module(DCC-100 and DCC-100R) or IP-Based Remote Module(DIP-101)
CAT5-Based Remote Console RJ-45 ConnectorCAT5 remote console can be up to 1000 feet away from KVM switch with superior auto-adjust RGB gain/delay control capability
IP-Based RemoteModule RJ-45 8P8C for 10/100M Ethernet cableDB-9 pin male for Modem, Null modem and serial power control

Mini USB 2.0 receptacle

Daisy Chaining Up to 8 levelsConnector: Mini SCSI 36 Female
PC selection On Screen Display (OSD) Menu, Hot Key, Push Button
Hotkey Provide various Hotkey(Scroll-Lock/ Cap-Lock/ Num-Lock/ Alt/ Ctrl/ Win)
7-seg LED for Bank display 1
Multilingual OSD (On Screen Display) control 8 languages (English, France, Germen, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese)
Auto-Scan Intervals 5 ~ 99 Sec.
Keyboard / Mouse Emulation PS/2
Housing Metal
Dual Power DC Power adapter : DC12V, 2.5A
AC Power : 100 ~ 240VAC, 50 ~ 60 Hz
Mechanical 19” Rack Mount, 1U
Weight 2.95(kg)
Dimension(L×W×H) 448x190x 44(mm)