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 Control up to 4/8/16 computers from a single PS/2 console

 Distance between console and computer can be up to 50m

    with simple CAT5 cabling and Auto Signal Compensation for the 

    different distances

 Mixed PS/2 and USB interfaces via simple KVM CAT5 adapters

    between the switch and computers

 Support On Screen Display (OSD) or front panel push buttons or

    keyboard hotkeys

 LED display & buttons for easy status monitoring and operation

 Hot pluggable – Add or remove computers without having to

    power down the switch

 Port names automatically reconfigured when station sequence is


 Port name restored from computer dongle for easy mainte nance

    when swapping the computer dongles

 Live firmware upgrading allowed

 Auto scan feature for monitoring user-selected computers

 Two level password security: administrator and users

 Keyboard and mouse emulation – comput-ers boot even when

    the console focus is elsewhere

 Superior video quality – supports resolution up to

    1600 x 1200@60 in 50m

 Space saving – 0.62U rack mountable in 19” system rack

 Support O.S – Windows XP/2000/98 (Both dongles) / Linux, Red

    hat 6.0 and latest version. (PS/2 dongle) / Macintosh OS X and

    latest version. (USB dongle) / Sun Micro System . (USB dongle)

 Support real time DDC2B/EDID monitor information to

    computer systems

Functions KCC-104E
Online LED (Red) 8
Selected LED (Green) 8
I/O port select button 8
Power LED 1 Red LED, Power Indicator
Console LED 1 Green LED, Console Indicator
Link LED 1 Red/Green LED, Remote Console Data Link Indicator
Console select button 1 Push Button
F/W upgrade port 1 RJ-11
F/W upgrade slide switch 1 slide switch; off: default normal position; Boot:set when F/W was failed
Reset switch Reset system
Power supply DC 5V, 2A
Remote console port RJ-45, for connecting a DCP-200, the Remote Console Device.(Optional)
Default password Switch 1 slide switch; Off: normal position: On: set default password
Local Console connectors 1 VGA HDB-15 Female; 1 PS/2 keyboard mini-DIN Female; 1 PS/2 mouse mini-DIN Female
I/O ports, connect to computer dongles 8 RJ-45
Video Resolution Up to 1600 x 200@ 60 in 50 meters
Video DDC2B and EDID Real time supported
Cable material CAT5/5E/5+/6
Cable transmission distance Up to 150 meters
Housing Metal
Weight 1050 g
Dimension (Lx W x H) 265x145x28.5(mm)