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Features and Benefits


  • Full Bandwidth and Real-Time Access to Servers – Facilitates access to multiple servers and applications where full-bandwidth video quality is critical
  • Easy-to-Use OSCAR™ Graphical User Interface – No training required for immediate user interaction with target computers
  • Multi-Platform Support – PS/2, USB, Sun and SGI servers and VT100 serial-based devices
  • Specialized Application Support – The Avocent AMX 5010 switch is a proven choice for test labs, demo labs, design and broadcast environments; Avocent AMX switches are compatible with all major broadcast devices including Pinnacle Deko, Harris Device Manager and Raid arrays


  • Automatic Compensation for Any Video Losses Induced by Cabling – Simplifies the installation of equipment and guarantees highest-quality video for each user without any user intervention
  • Dual-Matrix Support – Connects user station to two Avocent AMX KVM switches for switch redundancy with automatic failover for mission-critical reliability


  • Out-of-Band Access to Computers – Users can access all cascaded computers without the need to access the corporate network
  • End-to-End UTP Cable, Including CAT-5 and 5e – Eliminates bulky cabling connections and delivers real-time, high bandwidth video up to 1,000 feet from the server


  • Consolidates the Local Ports of KVM over IP Products – Users have back-up access to servers independent of the IP network
  • Consolidates Access to Existing Analog KVM Switches – Users can integrate legacy KVM switches into their matrix KVM solution
  • Avocent AMWorks™ Java-Based System Administration Tool – Centralized management is easier with this versatile software
  • AMIQ Server Interface Module – Built-in memory eases configuration and installation by assigning and retaining unique server identification codes for each attached server
  • Includes SNMP Traps – Users can set up SNMP traps in the Avocent AMX switch for report alarms to an external logging destination
  • Event Logs – Avocent AMWorks software maintains a record of all user logins and switching activity
  • Scalable Architecture – Avocent AMX switches easily accommodate additional servers and users in growing network infrastructures


  • Integration with Other LDAP Services for Authentication – Users can utilize a single LDAP database for authentication, minimizing the administration overhead of their existing network authentication process.

Avocent AMX 5000 8 32 32-server matrix switch
Avocent AMX 5010 16 64 64-server matrix switch
Avocent AMX 5020 4 42 42-server matrix switch
Avocent AMX 5030 4 16 16-server matrix switch
Avocent AMX 5111 1 2 1 user desktop station
Avocent AMX 5121 1 2 1 user desktop station with skew compensation
Avocent AMX 5130 1 2 1 user desktop station with skew compensation, audio and serial support