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SUNIX had being the global leader in serial communication technology more than 20 years, we invent and latch the world’s first RS-232 single-chip communication card in the year of 1995.

SUNIX provide more convenience for people by creating the new industry model ” Commercial Communication” ,and being the partner also earning the trust from the world’s first-tier manufacturer and numerous users.

SUNIX Commercial Communication

Since more then 20 years SUNIX Commercial communication business unit provides high performance and high quality products to the market. We apply our years of expertise to the development of I/O Multi-port Serial Boards, Multi-port Parallel Boards and I/O CardBus Card.

You will find SUNIX products everywhere in your daily life. Whether you go to your preferred bank to withdraw money from an ATM machine or just pay for your shopping at a POS station at a supermarket, gathering information about a foreign city at a KIOS system, paying the toll fee at a toll collect station. Your daily life becomes more secure and easy through SUNIX products.