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       KSD-102Y DVI KVM Switch with Audio is desktop size design

      Support Microsoft Intellimouse, Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer,

       Microsoft Optical Mouse, Logitech Net Mouse,…etc.

      Support some proprietary type 4D/5D mice or the mouse driver with

      special function and even the future new generation mouse which is

      compatible to Microsoft mouse and supported more user’s define keys

      for special application

      Work with DOS, Win3.X, Win95/98/98SE/ME/XP/2000/NT, Netware,

      Unix, Linux

     Support MAC and Sun Microsystems with DVI interface and USB port

      (Need work with USB-PS/2 adapter)

      Hot Plug – add or remove connected PCs for maintenance without

      powering down the KVM Switch or PCs.

      For applications required mixed analogue / digital operation or multiple

      video head switching from different PCs connected this switch.

      Supports DVI flat panels and monitors at resolutions up to

      1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz (165MHz) – i.e. the maximum DVI single-link

       band width.

      No Software Required – easy PC selection via Push Buttons,

Hot Keys

      Auto Scan Mode for monitoring PCs

      Keyboard status restored when switching PCs

      LED Display for easy status monitoring

        Buzzer sound for switching port confirmation



Functions KSD-102Y
Computer connections 2
Console connections 1
Console Audio connections 1
Computer Audio connections 2(Shared with PS/2 port )
Maximum Computer Connections 2
LED (PC port and Power) 4
Console Side One DVI-I MonitorOne PS/2 Keyboard

One PS/2 Mouse

One 3.5mm Speaker Jack

One 3.5mm Microphone Jack

Computer Side Two 3-in-one (PS/2-PS/2-DVI) to 5-in-one (PS/2-PS/2-speaker-Microphone-DVI) cables
PC Port Connector(All Female Type) PS/2 Keyboard mini-Din 6 pin (PC99 Purple color)PS/2 Mouse Mini-Din 6 pin (PC99 Green Color)

DVI-I video connector

Console port connector(All Female Type) PS/2 Keyboard mini Din 6 pin (PC99 Purple color)PS/2 Mouse Mini Din 6 pin (PC99 Green Color)

DVI-I video connector

One 3.5mm Speaker Jack

One 3.5mm Microphone Jack

PC selection Hot Key / Push Button
Scan Intervals 8 sec.
Keyboard Emulation PS/2
Mouse Emulation PS/2
VGA Resolution 2048X1536 @ 75Hz
VGA Bandwidth 400 MHz
DVI Resolution 1600X1200 @ 60Hz
DVI Bandwidth 165 MHz
Housing Metal
Size Desktop
Weight 350(g)
Dimension(L×W × H) 178×74×44(mm)