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Compact desktop size

Work with single PC, as well as the console port and PC port of PS2 KVM Switch or combo

     KVM Switch

Provide PS2 keyboard and PS2 mouse emulation. It means the eyboard and

    mouse on receiver do not need to be connected for PC to boot

Work with CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6Ethernet cable

Distance up to 700 feet (Free skew CAT5 cable needed)

Support Hot Plug for easy nstallation, no matter what installing transmitter or

       receiver or CAT5 cable in which order. They will automatically be linked together.

Friendly to set up the video signal via adjustable tuner.

Auto tuning video brightness

High VGA resolution up to 1280 X 1024 @60Hz

Support VGA DDC2B

Support 3~5 keys mouse

Remote console mouse and local console mouse could be 3~5 keys or mixed


Flash ROM upgradable

Compatible with DOS, MS Windows, Linux, Unix, and Netware

Work with MAC Mini, G4 series and SUN Microsystems blade series.

No software required

Green product — support PC stand by mode or power saving mode

LED indications for Push button power on/off , PS/2 data transmission

       (Or PS/2 active), Power saving and current operation console port

Fuction                 KEC-200T/KEC-300T KEC-200R/KEC-300R
Resolution High VGA resolution up to 1280 X 1024 @60Hz
Maximum Distance Distance up to 700 feet (Free skew CAT5 cable needed)
System Cable 1.For 500 feet away application, popular CAT5e/CAT6 cable is enough.2. For over 500 feet~700 feet away application, it is highly recommend you to get best video quality by using “ SKEW FREE “ CAT5e/CAT6 cable .
PC port connector(Female type) DB-25 (Black color) HDDB-15 (Black color)
PC port cable 1 –to-3 cable( DB-25 to USB type A and PS/2 green mini-din 6 pin for mouse port and VGA blue HDDB 15 pin ) USB to PS2 converter 1-to-2 cable(Black VGA to USB type A and blueVGA HDDB 15 pin )
PS/2 Mouse/keyboard port 1 1
VGA monitor port 1 1
RJ-45 port 1 1
Console portconnector(all female types) PS/2 purple mini-din 6 pin for keyboard PS/2 green mini-din 6 pin for mouse PS/2 green mini-din 6 pin for mouse VGA blue HDDB 15 pin
RJ-45 port connector 8P8C ( same as Ethernet 100BaseT connector )
LED (**Note) PS/2 active, Link (Remote console link), Power saving Push button for Power on/off, Remote console, local console, PS/2 active
VGA adjustment No 1
Housing Metal
Size Desktop
Power adapter No need DC5V,1A
Dimension (mm) 107(L) x 81(W) x 23 (H) mm 138(L) x 81(W) x 23 (H) mm
Mouse Support 3-5 keys mouse